Table Clock by Josep Vera Arús

Josep Vera Arús Exhibits The Dome Table Clock

Josep Vera Arús, the creative mind behind the award winning project Dome by Josep Vera Arús demonstrates, Desktop clock, made with solid wood totally lathed and varnished. With sunken circular mark which indicates the time. Interior horary needle <Cropped>

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Award Winning Quiet Heart Sliding Door

Guangzheng Li Creates The Quiet Heart Sliding Door

Guangzheng Li , the author of the highlighted design Sliding door:Quiet heart by Guangzheng Li demonstrates, In China, more and more people aspire to experience the quiet and comfortable life in the mountains, and with the continuous development of t <Cropped>

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Lay-On Wash Basin by Studio Talocci Design

Studio Talocci Design Shows The Bucket 40 Lay-On Wash Basin

Studio Talocci Design , the author of the awarded design Studio Talocci Design 's Bucket 40 Lay-on wash basin says, BUCKET line distinguishes itself by its shape bringing to mind just the bucket, in different sizes and decorations. This object s <Cropped>

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Dark Green-fashion Art, Knitted Gress by Qianyi Zhang

Qianyi Zhang Presents The Dark Green Fashion Art, Knitted Gress

Qianyi Zhang, the architect of the displayed design Fashion Art, Knitted Gress by Qianyi Zhang illustrates, Structure : eyelet, garter stitch, transfer stitch, pique stripe, partial row knitting, jacquard, float, intarsia etc. We use a variety of p <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Eternal Diamond Ring

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Eternal Diamond Ring

The thinktank behind the award winning work Acclaimed Designer's Eternal Diamond Ring says, Imagine that a wedding ring, which should be special and unique, is not that different with others. It would be disappointing and unpleasant. It triggere <Cropped>

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Anna Martynova's Diamond Jeans Jewelry With Diamonds

Anna Martynova Demonstrates The Diamond Jeans Jewelry With Diamonds

Anna Martynova, the maker of the highlighted work Jewelry with diamonds :Diamond Jeans by Anna Martynova explicates, Kabarovsky introduces collection of "Diamond Jeans.» Denim style is known all over the world. Denim prefer monarchs and workers <Cropped>

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Agili-Bookcase by Krama Architects

Krama Architects Discloses The Agili Bookcase

krama architects, the project leader of the awarded project bookcase:agili by krama architects points out, The uniqueness of this project is to tranform the dimensions of the bookcase without losing significant storage space. The user has the abili <Cropped>

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Private Retreat Possibility by Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten Presents The Home Made Private Retreat Possibility

Caramel Architekten, the author of the award winning project Award Winning HOME MADE private retreat possibility illustrates, For the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Caramel’s task was to design a ‘refugee camp’, using a vacant office building <Cropped>

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Devesh Pratyay's Adda Cafe and Brewery

Devesh Pratyay Demonstrates The Adda Cafe and Brewery

Devesh Pratyay, the lead designer of the highlighted project Adda - Cafe and brewery by Devesh Pratyay illustrates, Adda, in hindi means a place to gather and hang out. A place to hang out and be together is offered here. With two terraces and an enc <Cropped>

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Ching-Hua Yang's Sprinkling Sunlight Exhibition Center

Ching-Hua Yang Exhibits The Sprinkling Sunlight Exhibition Center

Ching-Hua Yang, the project leader of the highlighted design Award Winning Sprinkling Sunlight Exhibition center illustrates, The main idea of design is derived from water. As water flows, the bath basins have an impact connecting the relationship be <Cropped>

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