Self-Cleaning by Serel Design Team

Serel Design Team Portrays The Serel Poseidon Rectangular Washbasin Self-Cleaning

Serel Design Team, the thinktank behind the awarded project Serel Poseidon Rectangular Washbasin by Serel Design Team demonstrates, Primary goal of Serel Poseidon Rectangular Washbasin is to provide maximum hygiene. Washbasin that will inspire new mo <Cropped>

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Mohammad Bagher Farzam Asa-Shaparak Interactive Hybrid Model Model Interactive

At Design Interviews

Interview with mohammad bagher farzam asa : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. mohammad bagher farzam asa : combining the digital media with the physical objects (scale model) in a dynamic way .Frank S <Cropped>

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Movie Theater by Sara Wing Che Lee

Sara Wing Che Lee Illustrates The Cine Grand Century Movie Theater

Sara Wing Che Lee, the architect of the displayed project Cine Grand Century by Sara Wing Che Lee explicates, Cine Grand Century – the underwater grotto, the main ingredient of Movie is Light & shallow. Movie appears it in different way. Underw <Cropped>

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Ring Design Award

The a' Design Award For Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Is Now Open For Submissions. Show The World How Good Your Design Is !

The A' Design Award for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design is the indicator of quality and perfection in design. The A' Design Award for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design winners are evaluated primarily on visual appeal, choice of material a <Cropped>

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365 Day Design Challenge

The Challenge Aims to Destroy Those Creative Blocks That Every Designer Face to Build On Their Creativity

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity..

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Museum of Time-3d Animation by Oksana Kashkovskaya

Oksana Kashkovskaya Illustrates The Museum of Time 3d Animation

Oksana Kashkovskaya, the project leader of the displayed design Oksana Kashkovskaya's Museum of Time 3D animation explains, The general accent of this movie is the butterfly that is a real character of picture by Pieter Withoos Sheet of Studies <Cropped>

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Standing Chair by Masaya Ogiyama

Masaya Ogiyama Shares The Tatiisu Standing Chair

Masaya Ogiyama, the author of the displayed design tatiisu by Masaya Ogiyama illustrates, Supports your posture while standing to improve productivity and support health and it's just as relaxing as a sitting chair. Doing office and factory work <Cropped>

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Cosmetic Appliances by Karolis Bakunas-Entech Group

Karolis Bakunas-Entech Group Designs The Technokosmeda 5000x Cosmetic Appliances

Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group, the designer of the awarded work Award Winning Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances says, Clear shapes, accomplishment of metal and plastic combination are definitions of ultrasonic devices family design. The author <Cropped>

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Megaron Ring by Gulsah Surel Erdem-House of Div

Gulsah Surel Erdem-House of Div Spotlights The Megaron Ring Ring

Gulsah Surel Erdem - House of DIV, the architect of the awarded design Megaron Ring - Ring by Gulsah Surel Erdem - House of DIV points out, The Megaron symbol, which is widely accepted to represent the first human dwelling in architectural history, h <Cropped>

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Experience Pavilion:pone Nest Aspiration by Golden Ho

Golden Ho Portrays The Pone Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion

Golden Ho, the architect of the displayed work PONE Nest Aspiration - Experience Pavilion by Golden Ho explains, PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion 2016 Guangzhou Design Week attempted to rediscover the new connections between individuals. From <Cropped>

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