Clock Application. by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Dominus Plus Clock Application

The creative mind behind the highlighted project Clock application. by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Dominus plus expresses time in an original way. Like dots on dominoe pieces three groups of dots represent: hours, tens of minutes and minutes. The <Cropped>

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Hospital Space:darwin by Nic Lee

Nic Lee Illustrates The Darwin Hospital Space

Nic Lee, the designer of the highlighted design Darwin - Hospital space by Nic Lee says, This project is for a cosmetic surgery clinic located in a commercial building in downtown Taipei.Human artistry is to modification of countenance created by God <Cropped>

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Carolina Falcão Duarte's Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte Demonstrates The Nidus Hospital Bed For Children

Carolina Falcão Duarte, the architect of the award winning project Hospital bed for children by Carolina Falcão Duarte explicates, Nidus is a concept bed for children treated at hospitals. The project aims to present a design consistent with human <Cropped>

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Residential Garden Design by Chris Knierim

Chris Knierim Reveals The Forest Lodge Eco House Residential Garden Design

Chris Knierim, the creator of the award winning project Residential Garden Design by Chris Knierim says, The concept for the landscape design came from the idea of making this modern piece of contemporary architecture with its strong elements of conc <Cropped>

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City Garden Block 1, C (chinese Style) by Raynon Chiu

Raynon Chiu Portrays The City Garden Block 1, C (chinese Style) Sample Room

Raynon Chiu , the author of the highlighted design Sample Room by Raynon Chiu spells out, The sample room is adopted in Chinese style, with three main colors black, white, and yulan. The whole environment is filled with antique atmosphere, collocated <Cropped>

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Black Eagle by Perathoner Architects

Perathoner Architects Reveals The Black Eagle Residential House

Perathoner Architects, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Black Eagle Residential House demonstrates, The scenery surrounding Selva of Val Gardena, Italy creates some of the most picturesque landscapes in the UNESCO World Heritage Dol <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Tsan-Hen Li

Tsan-Hen Li Demonstrates The Appealing Zen Style Interior Design

Tsan-Hen Li, the lead designer of the award winning project Tsan-Hen Li's Appealing Zen Style Interior Design demonstrates, In the design plan for the residential architecture, the living and bedroom have great view to the greenery environment. <Cropped>

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Diva-Pendant Lamp by Daniel Mato

Daniel Mato Creates The Diva Pendant Lamp

Daniel Mato, the thinktank behind the award winning project Pendant Lamp by Daniel Mato explains, The designer of this pendant was inspired by modern statuary, natural phenomena and contemporary architecture. The shape of the lamp is defined by the a <Cropped>

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Yiming Li's Health Dandelion Hotel

Yiming Li Shows The Health Dandelion Hotel

Yiming Li, the project leader of the awarded work Health Dandelion by Yiming Li points out, The original building is a small shopping mall with a great depth, and the owner needs to be transformed into a healthy consulting hotel. There are many rooms <Cropped>

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Showroom by Honglei Liu

Honglei Liu Exhibits The Sanya Vanke Villa Showroom Showroom

Honglei Liu, the architect of the award winning design Award Winning Sanya Vanke Villa Showroom Showroom explicates, Located at the foot of Luobi Mountain, hidden in the resort manor, Sanya Vanke villa showroom integrates the Eastern poetic elegance <Cropped>

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