Work Area and Informal Meetings by Alonso De Garay

Alonso De Garay Shows The Corporate Dining Rooms Work Area and Informal Meetings

Alonso de Garay, the maker of the award winning work work area and informal meetings:Corporate Dining Rooms by Alonso de Garay explicates, Corporate Dining Rooms functions as a work area and an informal zone for meetings between executives and clients. The industrial kitchen, which is the heart of the project, is covered with a wooden lattice lit from top to bottom. Around the kitchen, corridors circulate providing access to different spaces: corporate and staff offices, executive dining rooms, workshop-dining room, restrooms, and site. The furniture, especially designed for the project, blends materials such as leather, textiles, woods, fibers and black marble. Wood the main element used in walls, doors, corridors and ceilings..

Work Area and Informal Meetings by Alonso De Garay Images:


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